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** Announcement To Port Users **
1) Electrical Power Shut Down at Pelpin-BWCT Office for Installation of new UPS On  
  16th August 2014  
  Please be informed that an electrical power shut down at the Pelpin-BWCT Office  
  will be carried out on Saturday, 16th August 2014 for a total period of eight (8) hours  
  from 1600 hrs to 2400 hrs for the installation and commissioning of new UPS.  
  This electrical power shut down will affect the Penang Port network at BWCT and the  
  accessing to Pelkon System from BWCT. Port users are advised to plan their operation  
  Any inconvenience caused is much regretted.  
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Accessing PELKON III [view]  
Installing Oracle JInitiator for Windows Vista/Windows 7 [view]  
Pelkon III - Train User Manual [view]  
Pelkon III - Agent User Manual [view]  
Pelkon III - Haulier User Manual [view]  
Pelkon III - DG Declaration For Port User [view]  
Pelkon III - Pre-Arrival Notification ISPS For Port User [view]  
Pelkon III - Invoice Printing User Manual [view]  
Pelkon III - Haulier Nomination - Forwarding Agent [view]  
Pelkon III - Haulier Nomination - Haulier [view]  
Pelkon III - Haulier Nomination - Shipping Agent [view]  
Pelkon III - CTA Export Documents CADO[view]
Oracle JInitiator [Download]  

Java Runtime Environment [Download]

*Please download JRE6u12 version*
Adobe Reader [Download]  
Berthing Schedule [Download]  
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