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** Announcement To Port Users **
1) Dear Valued Customers,  
Solas Regulation
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EDI - BAPLIE 2.2 Version
2) Please be informed that BAPLIE 2.2 for EDI is supported by PPSB.  
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Accessing PELKON III [view]  
Pelkon III - Train User Manual [view]  
Pelkon III - Agent User Manual [view]  
Pelkon III - Haulier User Manual [view]  
Pelkon III - DG Declaration For Port User [view]  
Pelkon III - Pre-Arrival Notification ISPS For Port User [view]  
Pelkon III - Invoice Printing User Manual [view]  
Pelkon III - Haulier Nomination - Forwarding Agent [view]  
Pelkon III - Haulier Nomination - Haulier [view]  
Pelkon III - Haulier Nomination - Shipping Agent [view]  
Pelkon III - CTA Export Documents CADO[view]
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Berthing Schedule [Download]
Penang Port Tariff [Download]  
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